How are you?

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How are you doing? No really how are you doing? So many times when I ask people how are you doing, they always say that they’re fine. But in reality, they are not fine, they just don’t want to burden us. Well please burden me. I want to be that listening ear. I want to be the person that you can reach out to for support. So many times especially us women we just say we are fine. But in reality, we need someone to listen to us. A shoulder to lean on. We need to hear the words girl I got you. We will get through this together. So many people are dying in silence because they don’t want to burden others. This used to be me, but not anymore. Get with someone that you trust and who has your back. If you don’t have anyone I’m here for you. Please reach out because no one should ever suffer in silence. So how are you doing?

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