Book review: More to life by: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

I love a good book that really makes me think about life and what I want out of life. This book More to Life is one that will really have you thinking. This book is about a woman named Aja who had a terrible childhood. It was full of abuse and trauma. But one thing of her childhood that she loved doing was painting with her mother. Her high school counselor thought that she should be doing something else in college besides art. So she decided to become a social worker. She gets married to the most amazing man and has two children. Her life get’s so consumed with being a wife and a mother that it leaves her no time to paint. Her family thinks that her painting is a hobby or a way to relieve stress. Her husband plans a 45th birthday party with her three best friends. Nothing like a tropical getaway to realize that you’re unhappy in your life. She meets a woman while on vacation that speaks to her soul and sees her for who she really is. And instead of heading back home to her family after her vacation is over she stays an extra week. When she finally gets back home she knows what she needs to do. But things don’t work out well when she gets back home. This book is a must-read.

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