Book review: Seven days in June

This book had my mind, heart, and emotions all over the place. This book is definitely a lover, lover’s book. If you believe in love and the endless possibilities of love, then this is your book. So the book is about Eva Mercy moving to DC with her mom. They moved around a lot depending on who Eva’s mom was dating at the time. Eva is in a new city, a new school, and has no friends. On the first day of school before the bell rings she meets this fine young man named Shane. And Eva and Shane’s life will never be the same again. Two people who completely understand each other’s dysfunction. But who needs each other to function? This beautifully woven story is about tragedy and love. Two kids who grow up to become authors of best-selling books based on one another. But it’s been 15 years since they have seen each other. What happens when they reconnect?

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