2023 but the same me:

Photo by Luis Ruiz on Pexels.com

For some reason, I felt like 2023 was going to be different. Yeah, I know you’re thinking it’s only been 5 days into the New Year. But my mind is still the same, my prayers are still the same and my problems are still the same. I have new problems and some unresolved problems. Just because it’s a new year, new month, and new day you still will have the same issues if you don’t change who you are. I have started pulling back in so many areas of my life. I have been so much to so many people and this year they feel like I should be the same. I’m not going to be the same. I need to be different and change how I do things in my life. I was doing great in 2022 with working on myself when I fell back into the trap of making sure other people are doing okay. At some point in my life, I need to STOP worrying about others and work on myself. In 2023 I need to be okay with myself and to who I give my time. I can’t be available to everyone all the time. I have done so much for others that it’s time for me to work on myself. With so many hurts and rejections that have come in 2022. I will not allow that to happen in 2023. I’m a work in progress. Please don’t allow your 2022 to bring you down in 2023. Please keep your head up and know that 2023 will be your best year.

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