New lesson in boundaries:

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Creating healthy boundaries has been a blessing and a curse for me. The blessing side of it is that it has allowed me to have boundaries in areas of my life where I need them most. The curse part of it for me is letting certain people that I deem to be important cross those boundaries time and time again. Then I came to the conclusion when will I ever learn? It’s hard to set boundaries for people that you are close to. But when the hurt comes well I can only blame myself for not sticking with the boundaries that I had created in the first place. We have all created boundaries in our lives and I’m sure you have let those boundaries slide because of who you have placed them on. Well let me to you if you created a boundary for anyone then it was for a good reason. Stick to that boundary and understand that you’re just as important as the other person. Boundaries create a safe space. This was a hard lesson to learn but well-needed.

2 thoughts on “New lesson in boundaries:

  1. Boundaries are tough! It has been my 2022’s lesson too. I recently read a book that helped me a great deal with this topic. It’s called Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood. The good news is that it gets better once we reach a certain point.

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