Empty nester:

Photo by Sebi Pintilie on Pexels.com

I have entered a new season in my life. This new season is called empty nester season. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, to be honest. All parents are excited when all their children leave the nest, but being in this season is a bit confusing. When your children are small you want them around all the time, then they grow up and start making friends. I want all my children to experience life on their own. But there is no manual for parents on how to feel and what to do once all their children are out of the house. Yes at first you feel the excitement but then reality set’s in. As much as parents try to prepare their children for the real world well they don’t want anything to happen to them. And the joy fades and is replaced by worry and fear. But at some point, you have to hope and pray that everything that you have instilled in them they will appreciate and use. But parents where does that leave us now? As I said there is no manual for us after the last one leaves. I’m trying to go into this new season with grace but I’m honestly at a loss. Kids will always come back home to visit yes I know. But I wasn’t prepared for the last one to leave yet. I may sound selfish but I’m honest. Yes, I know that they can’t stay with me forever, but there is an empty space in my heart right now. I know that I will be fine after a while but one has to wonder where did the time go? This is something new for my husband and I and while we are still learning I know we will be fine.

2 thoughts on “Empty nester:

  1. I know the feelings you described all too well. I only have one and she is not 21 and left home for college at 18. I felt the excitement and then the loneliness and worry set in. I am single parent. However, as you said, you will get through it as time passes. I turned things around by viewing it as a new chapter and a new adventure. I thought of it as time to do more of what I always wanted to do or try but, just didn’t have the time because I was parenting. I wish you the best on this new leg of the journey.

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    1. Thank you so much. My daughter is the baby and just turned 21. I’m learning that you have to let them go and know that what you have instilled in them that they remember. This is definitely a new chapter for me.

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