Falling short:

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Throughout my journey with myself, I had some pretty strict boundaries for myself and others. But out the window that went on some people. I have to reset and refocus my boundaries. I have let issues and things make me get to a point where I don’t care anymore. And let’s face it I do care but my tolerance level for drama and unnecessary stuff is out the window. When I am treated like I don’t matter and taken for granted well I start to act accordingly. And that’s something that I need to change within myself. I should not act differently because that is how someone is treating me. Boundaries are so important in my journey and I know that I will have setbacks. But the most important thing is to acknowledge them, correct them and move on.

3 thoughts on “Falling short:

  1. An awesome share especially as the old year closes and a new year starts. Self-acknowledgments and desires for renewal are far more encouraging than professing any new-year resolutions. Best regards!🔔🍒❤️⭐️☕️☕️

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  2. Hello my fellow blogger sister,
    You are not alone. I believe we all fall short with enforcing our boundaries. I’m a recovering people pleaser, so it has been challenging to create and stick to my boundaries. When I fall short, I don’t beat myself mentally. Acknowledging and being aware of me not sticking to the boundaries that I create with others AND myself is part of the growth process.
    You’ve acknowledged and you’re aware that you have to do better with enforcing your boundaries is part of the process. You’ll get stronger and better at it as you continue on your journey.
    Sending you love & light and a Happy New Year! 💫

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