All they need is respect

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There has been one thing that I have really been working on, on and off in the 12 years that I have been married. No, I haven’t always done it was grace or even when I was mad. But I apologize to my husband this weekend and I am making a more conscience effort to be better in this area. Today he sent me this message from a lady on Instagram and it only confirmed that I really need to do better in this area. Well, what am I talking about it’s RESPECT for my husband. Ladies I’m not the only wife, girlfriend, or friend who needs much work in this area. There are so many things ladies that we want from our men, but what about the one thing that they want from us? Why is it so hard to have respect for our men? One thing that truly hit me in the message that my husband sent to me was the fact that women are not taught to respect a man. They are taught to love a man. But love has conditions and so do feelings. Feelings can waver and one minute you can be completely in love and the next you can’t stand him. Why is it like this? I know growing up I use to hear my mom bash my dad. I didn’t understand why she was so angry with him until I got older. Even when she sees him now there is no respect at all. I see and hear women talk about they don’t need a man and that they can do it all themselves. Really ladies is that how you really feel? So why call your dad or uncle when something breaks down and needs to be fixed? Are they not men? Doesn’t your dad and uncle deserve respect as well? Let’s step back for a minute. So for me when I got mad I would say hurtful things and sometimes apologize. Why do so many men suffer in silence? It’s because we as women don’t give them the safe space that they need. If a man pays the bills, and put’s food in the fridge he’s supposed to do that without a thank you right? But you go get your hair done and he doesn’t take you out or acknowledge your hair your mad. But what do we acknowledge that they do? Do we appreciate what they do for us? If so when was the last time we told them that? Ladies we want so much from a man, but that same man will give you the world if you just respect him. To all the men out there I’m truly sorry that we don’t respect you and give you that safe space. I hope going forward that we will be able to give this to you.

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