No longer strong:

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My heart goes out to the Stephen Boss family. How do strong people stay strong for everyone else? I have struggled with this same question so many times. Everyone comes to me for everything but there is no one to share my heart with? It’s a battle and struggle that I have dealt with for years. But I continue to be strong during my struggles. But not anymore because strong people need people as well. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in being there for others that at times I forget to be there for myself. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. There are moments and times when I don’t want to hear anyone else’s problems. But how can I be there for others but when it’s my time to need someone and have no one in return? It’s a hard pill to swallow at times. I have always had a big heart and will do anything for family and friends. But there needs to be a balance that is happening with me. I have found my balance to give myself time and space to focus on myself. Strong people are only as strong as the people who we have around us. Who is lifting up or even checking on the strong people that they know? Why are the strong people suffering in silence? Why are we lacking in having someone there for us? My mental health is more important now than it use to be. I have backed away from doing so much for other people. My focus is on myself. You can’t give others what you don’t have. And I have been operating on E for way too long. Strong people stop helping everyone and take a minute to work on yourself. Love yourself more and build yourself up. We are few and we want to be there for everyone but we can’t. We need to be there for ourselves before we can give to the world. Twitch death has taught me so much. He was a positive and always happy person, but behind it, all was so much going on. I have worn a mask for so many years, but the mask is off. What you see is what you get from me. Strong people let other people know that they need time to heal themselves. Let them know that you need to talk. Not everyone is going to be your safe space. Strong people, it’s okay not to be strong all the time.

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  1. First, congratulations on taking the steps to put yourself first. Second, I used to struggle with this very thing, even though I learned what role I played as a spiritual being learning to live in the flesh. We are the nurturers, and nurturers nurture others. Unfortunately, the ones who we nurture do not know how to nurture us, and we have to forgive them for that. It took me a while to figure that one out…to come to terms that the people I pour into do not return the love. That is because we are supposed to receive our nourishment from God. Once I surrendered to God, whoa baby…I cannot explain in words what God placed in me. Happy healing. I am here, and there are others here for you too. You can always contact me if you like. I do not want to put my email address on here, but let me know if you need a shoulder.

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