What’s really important:

Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com

As I have been working on myself I have noticed that something has been missing. Well, nothing missing but me not giving much of my attention. I have a routine every morning, I wake up pray, read my devotional, and get ready for my day. But I have been giving God a few minutes of my day because I have other things to take care of. But I’m feeling empty and like things are just going round and round in my life. Why does it feel like I haven’t accomplished anything? God is not a routine he’s not someone I should just give a few minutes to and go about my day. I should be deliberated about my time with God. Why do I feel so stuck? Well, how can you rush God but not rush things that can wait? How can you rush God but get mad when your prayers are not answered? I started being more intentional about my time with God and I stopped making other things that I deem important, important. I have been spending time with God not only in prayer and devotional but also by reading. God is so much bigger than the little time that I was giving him. I took for granted my relationship with him and made other things a priority. I had to realize that what you give your time to can help or hurt you. My time with God is the most important time of the day for me. Since I have been doing this I have been more relaxed and also not worried about what I deem more important. I don’t know if you feel like God is important to you, but if he is make sure your time with him is intentional.

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