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For me to be the best me possible I noticed that one area in my life was lacking. That area is my marriage, and what I mean by that is that I don’t try to understand my husband. I don’t try to listen to understand him. Usually, when my husband comes to me I get an attitude that I don’t want to hear what he has to say. That’s mean I know and I hate that I do that to him. But the crazy part is that he told me so many people come to you and you listen to their problems or what they have going on. But when it comes to him I get an attitude and I don’t want to listen because I have been hearing people’s problems all day. That cut me deep because he was right and I didn’t treat them rudely. I had to learn what was more important and I’m trying to be more intentional when it comes to my husband and our time together. I thought that I was doing a great job in my marriage but I’m not. I had to understand that I was neglecting someone who always makes time for me. I was taking this person for granted for people who took me for granted. Working on myself also means being a better wife to my husband. I need to understand that his time and attention are very important. In my quest to be a better me I have to understand that I can’t neglect the people who care and make my life easier and better. I can’t be okay with not giving my husband my full attention. Marriage is not easy but I need to put more effort into making sure that I have time for my husband.

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  1. Wow. I hear you, but I am no marriage expert, but I ve been told the reason why men don’t express themselves is because when they do they are shut down.
    I am happy your aware and you can change this.

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  2. I’m not meaning to be curt, but maybe you ought to be writing this to your husband, rather than to the rest of us. Intentionality to improve and vulnerability are great first steps and amazing spousal connectors. Our marriages are precious. All the best moving forward.

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  3. Tell your clients bye bye! Spend time with your husband who was man enough to MARRY you! Having been a client of many psychotherapists who nodded sympathetically, then collected their 100$, i think your husband is a smart person to have mention this to you. Of course, no spouse should have to be their lover’s therapist, but in marriage, it’s good when you can give your spouse the same attention you yourself would want to receive. So many people who are in therapy are there because they’ve never been told the truth: they are wasting time and money on self-pity!!! Appreciate your man and yourself, for your honesty and your intentions. Good luck!

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