Safe space:

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We all have that person or persons who we feel are our safe space. But I realize that I don’t, my safe space is my journal. I thought that I had a few people that I could trust to be my safe space but I don’t. It’s hard being other’s safe space but they can’t be that to you. Either because they worry about themselves so much or you feel like they wouldn’t genuinely listen to what you’re sharing. It gets lonely when you have to be strong for yourself and encourage yourself. But writing has helped me express myself in ways that I didn’t realize were possible. Even though I love writing it’s always nice to have someone with which you can share your heart with. It’s not always easy being a strong person all the time. Even strong people need other people. Maybe I’m not alone in this situation. How many people truly have someone that you can talk to about anything and they listen and care 100%? Maybe it’s just me, we all need someone who can be our safe space.

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