Social media time out:

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It amazes me how people say that they have no peace in their life but constantly be on social media. Why is it so important to let everyone who you really don’t know, know what’s going on in your life? You took another vacation so you need to post pictures for Instagram. You are single again and you need to send all the quotes and memes about single life on Facebook. How is social media bringing you peace? How is posting about your life daily bringing you peace? Have you ever read some of the comments people make on certain posts? How horrible can people be at times! Why do we need to let people that we don’t really know on social media know what’s going on in our lives? Let’s be honest how many people on your social media page do you talk to every week? How about every month? How is your life going to be different if social media wasn’t a factor and life wasn’t about likes? I remember a day without social media and life was a lot more peaceful. What has happened to us and allowing social media to become our life? Why is this okay? If you want peace then you need to limit your interaction with social media. Social media is not your life and it shouldn’t become your life. Take a time out on social media.

One thought on “Social media time out:

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel you when it comes to this. This USED to be me to a certain degree. I have outgrown the need to blast my business on social media. I deactivated my FB over 3 years ago (I don’t miss it not one bit) and I’ve trimmed my IG followers down to 50 from 400+. I only follow people and pages that’s in alignment w/this season I am in life, which is growing, evolving, unlearning many things I was conditioned while growing up and the majority of my adult life.

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