Reset, Regroup and refocus:

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It’s time for me to regroup and refocus on myself. I’m still trying to figure out where did I lose myself at? I was setting boundaries and doing great. I feel like I took 20 steps forward just to take 100 steps backward. I can no longer forget about myself and my worth. I’m so convenient to people all the time and I neglect myself for the sake of others. I don’t understand why I do that, wait yes I do. I have always been the one that people can rely on and be there for. But how many people have shown up for me? Not many I can tell you that. It’s time to do something different and get serious about taking care of myself. NO MORE NEGLECT OF MYSELF. I’m so serious this time. It’s time to create healthy boundaries and if people can’t follow those boundaries then I don’t need them in my life.

6 thoughts on “Reset, Regroup and refocus:

    1. Yes, it really is. I can relate to you and how you’re feeling. I’ve been there. Once I stepped away from most of my circle of family and friends (the noise) I was able to focus on ME instead of being there for everyone and absorbing all of their ‘stuff’. I didn’t know what Peace was until now. I send you positive thoughts, positive vibes and positive energy your way.

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