Heavy is the head:

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I have been told by many that I’m a rare friend. I will check on you to make sure that your good and I will remember your birthday. I’m that friend who checks on you weekly and celebrates all the highs in your life. And I’m that friend who will be there during the lows as well. No matter how long it has been since we have seen each other I always check on you. I keep your secrets and encourage you. I’m there for them through storms and trails. I’m that friend who will be on the phone with you for 3 hours while you cry your eyes out and vent. I will send you cards to let you know that I’m thinking about you or a funny card to make you laugh. I’m that friend whom you can call or text and I will always respond. That’s the type of friend that I am. But when it comes to me well people fall very short. No one texts or calls me first. There is no encouragement or cards. It’s a heavy burden that I carry because I care for people deeply. I have been told that I’m a rare friend, but shouldn’t you care and check up on people that you say are your friend? Maybe I’m putting too much importance on the word friend. Maybe people are being who they are. But if you say someone is a friend why wouldn’t you check on them? Am I missing something?

12 thoughts on “Heavy is the head:

  1. I think it’s perfectly okay to give yourself some space and distance from people or friends. Being the one that consistently and constantly makes effort whilst you feel burdened by it is not worth it. Yes it should equally be reciprocated but sadly the way i see it that’s not generally human nature or something people would do. Some friends may not be a calling or texting type or because you hardly see of them may prioritise other matters ahead of “checking in”.

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      1. I agree with that also, because everything is work especially relationships. And if in your case you’re always getting the short end of the stick then distance is definitely needed. Some people don’t deserve your light. And you shouldn’t have to beg or plead to be treated as you show you would like. Just take time out for yourself before it builds into resentment

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