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I have been struggling with protecting my peace. I have felt like everyone’s go-to person. Whether I’m busy or need time to myself people feel like I’m convenient for them whenever they need me. Despite what I may be doing or have to do. I’m drained mentally and I have told myself that I was going to create boundaries but I never stuck to them. This is more my fault than anyone else’s fault. I feel like I pour so much into others and that drains me. Especially when people don’t pour into me. You can’t make a withdrawal if there is no money in the bank. And right now there is no money in the bank for people to take from. Yesterday I spent the day trying to refresh myself and get some of that energy back. But I’m exhausted honestly. There is so much going on at times I need my space and peace. I just wish other’s understood that. I wish others wouldn’t take and not give at times. It’s an overwhelming burden that I deal with all the time. I just need to really stick to my plan of having boundaries. I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of dealing with everyone’s issues and problems. I need to refresh myself so that I can be the best version of myself. I need a time-out. I need a reset in my life.

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