Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

As you all know I was super excited to start a new job. I liked the work that I was doing and my boss and co-workers were amazing. During training, my boss got sick and ended up being admitted to the hospital. She comes back to work and gets blindsided by her boss. But that’s not the worst part, they are changing things in the department and they fired her that afternoon because they felt she didn’t fit with the new vision. That shocked me to my core, that made me see the CFO in a whole new light. I didn’t know the man just seen him in passing and he was new like me. But wait there is more, he puts someone who doesn’t know anything about accounting as our new manager. And to top that off me and someone else is a temp and the CFO pretty much let us know that he didn’t want temps. It wasn’t his decision to hire us and as far as we are concerned he doesn’t know how we are going to work out. I hit the ground running with this new company, this isn’t my first time doing accounts payable but I wasn’t used to their software. But I caught on fast and hit the ground running. But he thought less of me. What he was saying was he wanted to bring his team in and we weren’t what he wanted. So yesterday was my last day with that company. It hurts because some of the people that worked there were awesome, but when you are treated like my boss and I well it says a lot about the heart of the company. I have to start all over now with the job hunting process again. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in this job search. I thought this would be a long-time career but now it’s back to the drawing board again. Even though this feels like a defeat it’s not. I have to keep a positive mindset.

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