Life lessons:

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Why is it that we have family members and friends that we don’t talk to? I was reflecting on this topic a while ago. I’m that person who reached out to everyone but hardly does anyone reach out to me. I’ve learned that if I don’t check on people then I will never talk to them. This bothers me because why am I the only one reaching out? Why am I the one who is taking time out of my day to check on you? I wonder at times do you ever think about me and if I’m okay? Do you ever have the urge to check on me? This used to bother me, but one day my mom was like have you talked to such and such and I said no. And she was like why not? And I told her the only time that I talk to this person is when I reach out, if they care about me then they can reach out as well. One day I experimented and I didn’t text anyone for a week. I wanted to see who would reach out to me and I was very surprised to see the same people texted me every day. That said a lot to me about who cares, after that week I made an effort to be intentional with the people who care. It bothered me at first but now I’m okay with my small circle. I only want those who want me. Life teaches us many lessons.

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