I don’t understand:

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It’s hard for me to sit here and think about all the people who have been killed by guns. It’s every harder for me to sit here and think that an unarmed black man was shoot over 60 times by police. And then on the 4th of July, you have a mass shooter shooting at innocent people for no reason. And yet he wasn’t killed. But he killed and injured other people. I just don’t understand at all. Yes, the black man had a gun in his car. But he was outside of his car. He didn’t kill anyone but yet his body was riddled with bullets. Someone, please help me make sense of this? I’m tired of seeing black people gunned down like dogs while others don’t even have a scratch on them. When is this going to stop? I’m trying to understand but I just don’t.

5 thoughts on “I don’t understand:

  1. Colleen, there is no understanding or making any sense in the way extremist operate. Evil is evil whether it wears a badge or not. It seems like I temporarily lost consciousness when seeing the reports of these recent incidents. I was talking with my husband and some friends about where do you go, when you think you can be relatively safe? Churches, nope. Grocery stores, nope. Parades, nope. Schools, nope. Public transportation, nope. Even being at home sleeping in your bed is not immunity for some idiot driving by with an semi-automatic assault weapon that penetrates through the exterior of your home through your walls. 😑

    What do we tell our kids? Hell, what do we tell ourselves? Thoughts and prayers no longer cut it. We continue to have the same discussions over and over and over again when things like this occur, while certain lawmakers put their fingers in their ears while money is passed under the table. Someone said things won’t change until these folks are directly affected by such violence occurring in their families. I don’t wish ill-will on others, including my enemies, because they will reap what they sow, more than the sow, and longer than they sow. I’m just tired, because this is getting pretty old! πŸ˜ŸπŸ™„πŸ˜«

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    1. I’m with you Kym I’m tired. I’m tired of the lawmakers not caring. You want us to vote? For what. What does my vote do for me? I know what it does for you. I don’t feel safe anymore. And it shouldn’t be this way at all.

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      1. I know exactly what you mean Colleen. But we continue to vote because they don’t want us to. Too many folks fought for us to have this right, we just intensify the volume of our voices and demand change. I think we may have gotten (overall) a little too complacent over the years, because we didn’t pay attention to the crazy things that were brewing. But we have more power than we think to make a change for good not greed. I truly believe the powers that be are afraid, very afraid of what we are capable of doing. For that, we don’t and won’t give up! There is too much at stake for the future of our kids, grandkids and other people’s kids.

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