I need patience:

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While I’m working on myself. I have to work on my patience. I’m starting to get down on myself because I haven’t gotten a job yet. Yes, I’m going through staffing companies, but with that, they are trying to send me places that are way too far. Listening if I have to google the name of the city it’s probably too far. I’m trying to have better self-talk when it comes to this situation. No, I haven’t been out of work long, but it’s still getting frustrating. Any advice on how to be patient in this area of my life?

6 thoughts on “I need patience:

  1. Try to be contented and enjoy the present moment whatever it might be while working on any area in life to improve gradually …
    No situation in this world is perfect in all aspects…

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  2. It’s natural to be frustrated Colleen, but while you are working on your patience (I struggle in this area too girlfriend), you can still remain productive. 👍🏼 So how is that book coming? 🤔 While you are working on you, make sure that you are taking care of YOURSELF! So often, we are focused on the well-being of everyone else. Now, nothing is wrong with that, just don’t starve your “Self-Care” rituals and take care of YOU. This is not being selfish either.

    When the job comes along and you haven’t dealt with making sure Colleen is spiritually, mentally, and physically ready for it, you will just be starting back from square one. So start where you are now, and control what you can, and delete what you can’t. YOU can do this! Stay encouraged my dear! 😍💖😎🌹🤩💋🥰

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    1. My book is coming along slowly. I have an opportunity to help some people close to me work on a side hustle that can become a main business in time. I have slacked on me time and I know that is so important right now. I have to learn that in due time things will get better. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Oh yes girl, that’s the attitude. In due time things will fall into place. Work on things a little at a time, so just keep working at it. So often, we make the dreams of others come true. Why not yours? Big hugs and smooches! 🤗💋🥰💖😘

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