Time to become better:

Communication is so important. Im stubborn at times and I feel like people know what I need at all times. But they don’t. I have always been a surface communicator. I have learned some valuable and hard lessons this week. This week has taught me not to assume people know how you feel. Common sense right? Well sometimes I forget that. But also that people love and care for you. They need to know that you are okay and to tell them what you need. Talk to others about things that matter no matter how you think someone else might feel. Always try to speak with love and not anger. Your feelings matter as well as others. Talking with people can help clear up a lot of confusion and distrust. Communication can be hard but the results of expressing yourself are so worth it. Im working becoming a better communicator.

2 thoughts on “Time to become better:

  1. Yes, we should try harder to become better, no matter the barriers of modern day distractions that cause us to become careless and stubborn. And, with all the evil and challenges around us, we should adhere to the biblical proverb that “Gold is assayed by fire”.


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