Help me understand:

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So Saturday I was sick with food poisoning and I pretty much had to take care of myself. I had to ask my husband for some water. But other than that I was on my own. And it hurt me to have people in my home who didn’t check on me or ask me how I was doing. That broke my heart because I have never and would never do that to them.
I was still sick on Sunday but I was angry and I let it out in an unhealthy way to my husband. And he told me that he never grew up seeing his parents take care of each other when they were sick. He’s also not used to seeing affection and hearing his parents say that they love each other.
Just because you don’t see it growing up does that make you not able to help someone in need? If you didn’t see compassion growing up does that make you compassionless? If there was no empathy in the home does that make you not know what empathy is and not show it?
I’m just trying to understand some things. Guys, please chime in here. My husband is not the only man who when I have been sick or going through something just didn’t show up for me as I needed them to. Not gonna lie I feel some type of way. And it hurts to go above and beyond for people when they are down but not get it in return when I’m down. Am I wrong to feel this way? Someone, please help me out here.

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  1. Sorry to hear! Yes, anyone would feel a way. I grown up, in a home like that. Why I made a point, to be there for my wife and kids, as best I could. Yes, we will fall short at times, but we have to give account, for our own heart! Happy Mother’s Day!

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