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As I’m working on my boundary issues one thing this very hard for me. How do I set boundaries for the people that are closest to me? That has been the hardest one. I have tried to create some healthy boundaries, but it’s not working. And because it’s not working I feel myself getting more stressed out than I should be. Creating boundaries for people that you see and deal with daily is not easy at all. Any suggestions for me?

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  1. I’m no expert but one thing that I’ve learnt is that it’s not just about setting them but being firm with the boundaries in a way where you will not compromise it except mitigating situations. So yes set the boundary but also enforce it. So let’s just say you have a boundary of those closest to you not calling you after 9pm because you want your downtime, you can start by not answering your phone or texts after that time or put phone on dnd. Also let the boundaries be known if said person isn’t aware of the boundary it’s hard for you to gain that respect or honour from them

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