Passion/ Purpose:

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Are you doing what you love with your life? Do you wish that you could be doing something different with your life? Do you have dreams of doing more and being more in life?

That’s where I’m at with my life. I’m just working a job that provides me income. But it’s not a job that I’m passionate about.

I had to ask myself what is myself some questions.

What are some things that I’m passionate about? Here are some of the things that I have come up with:

  1. Helping people
  2. Reading/ writing
  3. Encouraging people
  4. Learning a new skill/ DIY

But now here is the problem. Now that I know this what is a job or even a side business that I can do? How can I use my skills to do more and be more in my life? So many questions but not enough answers? Are you doing what you love? If not what can you do to change it?

12 thoughts on “Passion/ Purpose:

      1. Some might say that this is laziness but I think that distressing and calming down makes wonders .In other terms, living simply can help prevent overworking to buy phancy stuff unnecessary for living …

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  1. Great post. I don’t think I’m entirely doing what i love in life just partially. I feel passion comes later. I personally believe purpose and identifying you gift will truly bring fulfilment. What happens when passion dries out? What keeps you going?

    In terms of ideas based on passions listed you can start a YouTube for encouraging people and affiliate market with wellness brands. DIY you can freelance your services on fiver

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    1. So here’s the question I have for you. How do you know what truly brings you fulfillment? What if I think my passion is really my purpose but then I find out later it’s not? Never thought about a Youtube channel. I wouldn’t know where to begin with wellness brands or what type of service’s I can freelance on fiver. You gave me a lot to think about. Thank you

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      1. Very good and deep question. I think what brings fulfilment is something that’s deeper than seasonal wins or happiness. So like for me making consistent progress in my life brings me true fulfilment or reading more books and expanding my mind as well as travelling.

        A tricky one and although I’m no expert this is just my thought but i think purpose or as i like to view as God-given assignments may also be for a time or season or a life-long marathon. So connecting that to your passion and purpose curiosity, maybe the purpose has been fulfilled and it’s time to switch and find meaning in something else. Only select few things are forever.

        Maybe it’s something to explore. Wellness brands you can start with connecting online. Or thinking about what wellness is to you as it’s fairly broad and then google becomes your angel for more discovery 😂. Fiver i was suggesting what you said about DIY or writing or actually DIY might be for another platform to create a side hustle or something.

        All the best

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      2. This right here is what I needed so much. It’s confirmation on what I need to do. And not to be scared to step out on faith. I have had people wanted me to read there books. And also me getting back to writing my book. As you said something’s have a season and a reason. Thank you again. Like I said this is confirmation.

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