Check in with you often:

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It’s the year of taking care of me. My kids are all grown and I have spent years neglecting myself. When the pandemic hit so did my anxiety and other things that I was dealing with. I’m not sure about you but neglecting yourself is not the way to go. My mental health took a toll and I felt like something had to give. So I took inventory of my life and I found the things that I have been neglecting in me. I found things that I needed to work on and I found books that are helping me do things differently. I’m not where I wanna be but I’m way better than before. I have decided that every month I’m going to check in with myself to see how I’m doing. What I can I improve on and what’s not working. This has really helped me to do a reset in my life. Check on yourself often. You’re worth it.

8 thoughts on “Check in with you often:

  1. Hi. I love the checking monthly. I am going to do that. I stand in support. I have been neglecting my physical and mental health. 🙃
    But no more. I am putting more effort into taking breaks, traveling and just getting back to basics and living a slower pace of life. And I have returned to reading again. Take one step at a time.

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    1. I love it. I started doing monthly check ins because I didn’t want to bring so much into the next month. I wanted to deal with what I’m going through etc and move on. I have started walking more, adult coloring book, reading more and having me time more often. Yes one step at a time really does help and makes it easier.

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