Time to spring clean friends:

Photo by Anastasia Belousova on Pexels.com

Who in your circle is making you better? That was one of the hardest questions that I had to ask myself. Who was making me better? Who was encouraging me and seeking to help me do better in my life? I had to stop and examine the people that are in my life. I had to make some hard choices to let people that I thought that I needed to go. When you mess up do you have people who call you out or just go along with what you did? When you are at your lowest do you have people who will talk to you and encourage you? Or are they not even around? Who in your circle makes you better? I don’t want people in my life who are just there taking up my time and space. I want people who I can go through all seasons of life with. It’s sad to say that my circle is super small right now, which is fine with me. But now that spring is here I had to do some spring friend cleaning. And right now I’m happy where I stand with friends.

5 thoughts on “Time to spring clean friends:

  1. Very understandable, I personally audit my associations including friends and acquaintances when i feel there’s a shift in energy or if i feel my mindset has changed. I think it’s vital and i do believe in the proverb of friends sharpening each other like an iron. No point hanging around squares who don’t do anything for you or vice versa

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