The new me:

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Who am I? I use to be a woman who felt like I was broken. But I’m a woman who discovered some amazing things about herself lately. I can overcome my past because I’m greater than what I used to be. The more that I love myself and work on myself the greater I become as a person. My past mistakes don’t make me a bad person it just made me someone who has more growing to do. I love plants and one thing about a plant is some seeds need to grow in the soil. You must water and take care of that plant for it to grow. You must give it sunlight and love to see it flourish. I’m that plant and I’m growing in ways I didn’t even know that I could grow. Loving the good, bad and ugly has been amazing. I let so much of my past hold me down. I let so much of what others thought of me hold me down. I’m free from the bonds that held me hostage. I love this new woman that I’m becoming. She is so amazing. I’m going to continue to water her and love her like never before. Everything is flourishing around me because I took the time to work on myself. Self-love and self-care are a must in my life. I surround myself with positive loving people. I make sure to never let anyone cross boundaries that I have set to protect me. I’m not done working on myself and I will never be, but at least I can breathe and smile and know that the work I have put in has been so worth it.

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