Book review: The Drowning

Well let me say this, this book left me puzzled. I don’t dislike this book but this book kept me on my toes. It was a page-turner but at times it was boring and just dragging on. So this book was about a young boy whose parents were going through a tough time. They decided to have him go camping so they can decide what to do about their marriage. The young boy Joey wasn’t happy about going to camp. He knew that his parents were dealing with something in their marriage. But at the camp, he befriended the counselor and he felt like things were changing. Until one day he had to go swimming in the lake. He didn’t know how to swim and the swim teacher wasn’t kind at all. His swim teacher Alex wasn’t a kind man. He wanted to make a point to Joey that he was going to swim. So he took him to the deep end and left him on a raft. Alex left Joey out there overnight. And the next morning he was gone. Years have passed and Alex is successful and Joey has come back to haunt him. Alex’s lack of care caused a lot of people harm. People died never knowing what happened to Joey. But who would want to drag the past to the future after 21 years? Well, it’s someone you would never guess.

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