Pep talk for me:

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This year has been hard for me. I felt like I was doing everything right the best that I could. But it doesn’t seem like it now. I have been without a job since September of last year. That was a hard time for me. I felt worthless and like I didn’t have meaning. But I know now that a job doesn’t bring meaning to your life. But I thought that it did. I thought that I was a nobody because I didn’t have one. It was something hard for me to process. People have a way of making you feel like shit because of the things that you don’t have. But now that I have a job does that make me feel more worthy? Does it make me feel better about myself? I notice that at times I try to make myself feel better for others but not for myself. Not anymore because all the pain that I felt not having something is over. The fear of not living for someone else is over. I’m worthy and a job doesn’t define me.

8 thoughts on “Pep talk for me:

      1. It is the other way usually . First find mean ing and everything would eventually fall into place .
        Ikigai concept where your mission interesects with your profession and passion plus vocation …There is a reason to live for ( besides the presence of God sure …).

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