Book review: The Gift

So this is the first book that I have read of Danielle Steel. I had heard a lot of good things about her books so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Let me just tell you that this book had me in tears. I know what it’s like to be a high school student that gets pregnant. But never was I treated like this. Okay so let me tell you about the book. It’s about a couple who struggled to have children. The mother finally has a son and then ten years later has a daughter. Their daughter ends up dying when she was just five years old. This took a toll on the family. A sixteen-year-old girl goes to a dance with a boy she doesn’t even like. He ends up getting drunk and she ends up alone outside the dance thinking about walking home. Until the popular boy comes outside to talk to her. They end up hanging out and then instead of taking her home they go somewhere to chill. Well, one thing leads to another and she ends up pregnant. All of her hopes and dreams go out the window of going to college and having a career. Her brother ends up telling her dad and off she is shipped to a nun convent. She hates it there and ends up leaving the convent heading to Chicago. The bus makes a stop and she eats at this dinner and when she goes to leave she sees a help wanted sign up. She asked the waitress who helped her about the job. She ends up getting and job and much more than she bargains for. When life and death meet up not only does her whole world change but the family who lost their daughter’s world changes.

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