Book review: The Skin I’m In

This book had me on the first page. I have seen people called names because of the color of their skin. I have seen people bullied and made fun of because of the color of their skin. Maleeka tries so hard to fit in and just wants to be liked. But the color of her skin and the homemade clothes that her mother makes for her is hard to fit in. Char and the twins are supposed to be friends with Maleeka but Char just bullies her. And John-John who she has a class with just won’t leave her alone. He has even gone so far as making a song about her and her black skin. But a new teacher comes in and changes the way Maleeka sees herself and who she hangs around. Peer pressure is real and when you try your hardest to fit in but people make it hard for you. Well at some point enough has to be enough. I truly enjoyed this book.

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