Words hurt:

Photo by Paul Popovici on Pexels.com

One thing that I have noticed about life is when someone is hurt by you. They don’t have a problem telling you how they feel about you. Why do we wait until we have anger in our hearts to lash out at people? It hurt me when someone said that they felt like I want to do anything great. The person who said it is someone that I’m truly close to. But for them to feel like I’m not going to succeed at anything changed the course of how I view people. But I can show people better than I can tell them. And at that moment it made me pause and think about if I have ever hurt anyone that way before? I probably have, but I never want anyone to feel low because I’m angry in the moment. We should always be honest with people and not just when we are angry with people. I’m learning to control my words and never hurt anyone the way that I was hurt. Words have so much power but don’t give them power.

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