Serious question:

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So I have a serious question to ask. Have you ever been afraid to let someone read your book idea or the book that you started? I’m not afraid of their reaction per se but I am afraid that they may steal or try to take my idea and make it there’s. Has this happened to anyone? Am I just tripping and thinking too much into this? Please let me know your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Serious question:

  1. I’m always scared when I share my writing with someone. I don’t so much worry about theft, though it does cross my mind from time to time, but I do get anxious about what they’ll say and what they’ll think. I don’t know an easy way to get past it, other than just to share anyway. I usually let my mom or husband read things first, because I trust them to tell me the truth but also to have my back and support me. I find it’s always helpful to have a couple of trusted first readers.

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  2. For me, I don’t worry so much about idea theft, because it’s the execution that sets us all apart. It’s like singing. Sure, somebody can steal your idea for a song, but can they sing like you?

    Also, I don’t think straight up theft is common in the writing industry. There have been some, sure, but not as bad as photography or design.

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