Book review: What happened to you?

Words can’t express how much I needed to read this book. I had heard a lot of great reviews regarding this book, but I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to read. I love all the different stories shared in this book about trauma, abuse, and neglect. We don’t know what healing can look like if we never tried to heal ourselves. This book was very personal to me. We have all been through something and healing is the hard part. This book shows how the bottom of the brain process everything before it even gets to the top. I would truly recommend this book to anyone who is needing to heal.

6 thoughts on “Book review: What happened to you?

  1. A good suggestion in the book summary shared online that these incidents can help us deeply reshape our path , learn new lessons to move on in life and become more self aware .As an example , Oprah Winfrey has overcome past pains to become her greatest version of herself . God bless …

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