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November is the month where people share what they are grateful for. So many times we feel like if we had more, or if we only had this we would be more grateful. To me, gratitude should be more than about stuff. But sometimes the things that you have to make you grateful. I’m very grateful for my husband. Through my unemployment and finding a job and losing that job, he has been a source of encouragement for me. He hasn’t made me feel bad about not having a job. He has actually helped me with being a better me. He bought me a book that has helped me with my healing and learning to let go of my past. He has made it clear that a job doesn’t define me as a person. When I have been at my lowest and most stressed out he has been there to lift me up. I love that no matter what he is there. I’m very grateful to him. Through this pandemic, so many people have divorced and separated, but we have gotten closer. Marriage is not a bed of roses but it can be beautiful if you have someone who is willing to be there for you through it all.

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