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As I have taken the time to cool off because my son is okay. Do I have to wonder why there is so much fear? Again I will ask this question does the color of my skin make me a threat? I watched the news this morning and they were talking about race crimes were high in 2020 and now in 2021. With Black and Asian crimes the highest. I didn’t grow up treating people differently because of their color. I have friends of all races. I was never taught that I wasn’t good enough because of my color. I was always taught to treat others the way you want to be treated. No one of any color should have to fear living in their home. They shouldn’t have to fear if they will be called a racial slur at work. People say that they don’t see color, but we all do. It’s how you treat others of color that matters. We need to do better. I have heard we have come a long way, but it feels like we are going backward as a nation. I don’t want to have to question where I will be okay leaving my home. This thing regarding race is heavy on me right now. We should all treat one another with respect. We should make sure that we look out for each other. Stand up for the wrong. You never know when your gonna need someone to stand up for you.

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