Comparison game:

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Am I the only one who doesn’t like to be compared to other people? I mean have you ever heard your not like your mom? Have you ever heard you don’t act like this person or that person? Why do we have to have a comparison of someone else? I’m going to use my mom for example. I have never been like my mom, even now as an adult we are different. We like some of the same things but as far as the personality we are not the same. As an adult, I have learned that being not like my mom isn’t a bad or good thing. I like being me but I don’t like being compared to others. When I was a kid there were always comparisons being made between my cousins and me. It’s still happening now which I don’t like. I like being me and doing me. I’m not supposed to be like anyone else. I don’t want to be like anyone else to be quite honest. I have found it difficult these last few weeks to truly understand why people have to always say you should be like this person or do like this person? Why is it that I can’t be me? I know that the person who said it means no harm, but it is harmful to me. They have made me feel like who I am isn’t good enough and the measure of good is how someone else is. Just because you have things doesn’t mean you are happy. Things come and go. I have made comparisons to other people but don’t do it anymore. That’s not a good feeling to not have someone like you for you. But would rather you be someone else.

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