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Question. If you’re being the best version of yourself, then why do people want to change you? When you are positive people don’t like that. But when your negative people eat that up? Why is it?

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  1. I believe that people want you to change because you are not what they think is your best you. I don’t know what I’ve noticed people preferring negative vs positive people, maybe those that like the negative like drama?

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  2. In my observations negative people often don’t realize that they are. Sometimes it’s as casual as saying something when simply by switching words around the statement can be turned into a positive.Some people are just miserable and don’t have the mindset to overcome negativity. They’ve become comfortable with it and when a friend comes around who’s always energetic or positive, it seems to be a bit overwhelming for those who are mentally suck or have adapted to that negative state of mind.

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      1. I’m not an expert, but I get the same exact thing, even w/ family. People always asking why am I so bubbly and won’t stop smiling. It’s because I choose to stay positive, but they don’t understand even when they know my story. They assume I should be sad and angry because of my struggles, but I’m happy and thankful because I’ve made it through the storms. I’ve had to unfortunately let a few go because they’d constantly try to bring me down, the motivation for my post “Green Eyed Monster”, lol.

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      2. Exactly what I’m talking about. People who know you and your story want you to be bitter. They want you to have no joy. But I choose joy daily. I’ve had enough tears and struggles.

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      1. You can not always please everyone no matter what but Sometimes negativity makes you take precautions and be prepared to all scenarios .
        If things go as you like , enjoy …
        If they don’t, then you learn and can see it as a stepping stone in development and growth …
        Love and light from Lebanon to the world…

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