How are you?:

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There has been so much going on since the last time that I had blogged. My life has had some ups and downs. But in the end, I’m still staying strong. Death has come upon my life, people leaving my life, and more than that me doubting myself through this whole transition. Life can be a lot at times and I have always been that person to be strong for everyone. Encourage everyone and make sure that everyone is doing great. But yet I have neglected to make sure that I’m doing okay. I haven’t checked in with me to see how I can help myself. I worry about others too often and I seem to lack checking in on myself. This is so important I can’t stress it enough. Please check in on yourself and make sure that you’re okay. It’s good to make sure that others are good but you need to take care of yourself also. I’m trying to understand certain events in my life and how to change or make them better. I’m trying to be more positive when it comes to my self-talk. It’s not always easy and now with so much going on it’s even harder. Life seems to throw a lot at you at once to where it can knock you down. I refuse to be knocked down. So I want to know how are you doing today?

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