Marriage journey: Part 2

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Marriage is a journey. The wedding day is always the most exciting day but what about after the wedding? No one talks about that at all. We are all prepared for the wedding but not what happens after. The first five years of my marriage were rough for me. I didn’t think we were going to last a year(my husband did). It was rough let me tell you. The day after the wedding we got into it because I couldn’t read the GPS at the time and he almost missed his turn. I wondered what had happened to the man that I had married? We never argued and now I couldn’t stand him. But what I didn’t like about him is the fact that I didn’t understand him. We are different very different and I didn’t understand how we went from so in love to arguing all the time. Well here is the back story. We moved to a state where we didn’t know anyone at all. We had never been to this state before and we were all that we had. But instead of coming together to work as a team, we were at each other’s throats. Back in the day when GPS was new, he tried to teach me but I couldn’t get it to save my life. If you know me you know that I’m directionally challenged. But not only that we were searching for jobs and a place to stay. But once all those things fell in place we were still arguing and not understanding one another. We are different and we didn’t understand each other’s differences. He grew up in a home where he heard arguing almost daily. I grew up in a home of love and kindness. I’m from the Midwest and he is from the South. We were two people from different cultures trying to come as one. It took us years to understand and start to get into the meat of our differences. And not only that but I go into a marriage where I’m not liked by my mother-in-law. How do you start a marriage when your mother-in-law does not like you for being you? Our marriage was rough and I felt like we would never make it as a couple. But I knew he was the one for me and if it ended then he would still be my best friend. But one thing about us is that we fought for our marriage and we never gave up on one another. We never felt like giving up on each other. I never wanted to use or hear the would divorce. But we used it and it hurt because I grew up in a home of divorce and I knew how that felt. But we have worked through our differences and still work through them all these years. My marriage is not perfect but the story of my marriage gets better day by day.

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