Book review:

Okay let me just say this. I love that I get a chance to review other people’s books. But this author lite a fire in me to continue with my book. Let me just start by saying this is a book I wouldn’t have otherwise read if the author didn’t send it to me. I love to read books but what I realized with this book is that I limit myself on what I read. Not anymore. I read this book in three days. From the beginning of the book I couldn’t put it down. Let me tell you I’m pretty good at knowing how a story will end, but not with this book. So let me tell you a little about this book. The book is about a boy named Bryan who ends up losing his friend Deonte. Deonte dies trying to save Bryan. Bryan becomes haunted my what his friend did for him. He can’t sleep and keeps having nightmare’s regarding the event. It gets so bad that his mom scheduled him to get help. After talking with a therapist she says that he needs a vacation with his stepdad. I forgot to add that he doesn’t get along with his stepdad. He thinks he’s weird and is always on the phone. Byran agrees to the vacation and his mom sets it up. So his stepdad, grandfather and Bryan go to a amusement park. But this is no ordinary amusement park. What he felt like could be a good time ended up being something that would change his life forever. Bryan wasn’t a confident person at all. But in the end he gets a girl and gains respect for his stepdad. Not everything is what it may seem to be. This was a page turner for sure.

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