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I always seem to doubt myself when things happen. Well, last Thursday was the last day of work for me. I felt hurt, but at the same time, I knew I needed to move on. This job was great but very overwhelming and not only that there were miscommunication issues. So instead of having a conversation with me, they decided to let me go. So now I’m back to square one. I feel defeated when things like this happen to me. It seems like when things don’t work out how I thought they would I would doubt myself and feel like things are my fault. But having a conversation with the staffing company put so much in perspective for me. Because up until that day they sang my praises, was so happy that I was there but as soon as I have a problem they were ready to let me go. I need to stop doubting myself and just understand that sometimes things that don’t work out are more of a blessing than a burden. I have to change my thinking on these things. Do you doubt when things go wrong or something happens? How do you handle it?

2 thoughts on “Doubt:

  1. Sometimes a particular situation just isn’t the right fit. I definitely feel bad about things when something challenging happens but am learning to dust myself off more quickly and start focusing on what I can do next. Sorry you’re going through this – hope you find a something that is much better quickly!

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