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As you all know I love to journal daily if possible. But while reading this book that I will review soon I promise. I noticed that I don’t write my gratitude in this journal. I write my prayers but I won’t mention what I’m grateful for. I mean I remember doing it a while back but never kept it up. So I started all over again about being grateful. I noticed that when I wrote what I’m grateful for it made me feel good. I’m not talking about just material things I’m talking about health, love, friends, and family. I didn’t realize how much that I have to be grateful for and how much I took this for granted. It felt so refreshing to not even have to think about what you’re grateful for. So for all those who journal or maybe not journal do you write what you’re grateful for?

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  1. Morning, I was about to over look what I said I was going to do until I read your aspiring words. I stopped writing what I got from the Word, but I got my study book next to my bible along with some colorful ink pens to write down my thoughts and questions. Have a safe & bless day.

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