Love story:

We all want that perfect love story. A happy ever after. But what if you’re love story looks like stress and mess? What if you’re spouse works every last nerve you have? Is there a perfect love story? What if you grew up in a home where there was divorce. And you never witness there love story? What if you try to model from your friends there love story? Would that work? Probably not because you’re not them. I have often wonder what a perfect love story would look like for me. But the more I dream it the less I can see it. Im a flawed women married to a flawed man. Lord knows there are things that I wish I could change about him. And I’m quite sure there are things he wished he could change about me. I have heard people say is a love story really worth it? I would like to say it is. But who am I? I haven’t even written my love story. Maybe they don’t exist but one could hope. Maybe some stories are not worth writing. Maybe some stories not worth telling. Maybe love is just meant to be kept inside. I don’t know. Maybe one day I will have a love story to tell.

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4 thoughts on “Love story:

  1. Everyone has a different path, but I felt much like you many years ago. I was in a marriage and I was desperately unhappy. I was not in love with my husband because of all of the things that happened between us. My resentment took on an almost human form. I was miserable, but we had two little boys and he wasn’t abusive or cruel. I thought the love I saw in other relationships just wasn’t real or even just not something I could ever expect. Once I acquired the strength to leave him and our marriage (which was the most difficult thing I have ever done), my life changed. I changed. Everything changed. Six years later, I just recently remarried. I am so in love and happy. I have the kind of relationship I always dreamed of. He is not “Perfect” and neither am I, but we are a perfect fit for each other. I have never been in a relationship like this in my life. I am saying all of this because you never know what is on the other side of the fence, but sometimes it can be the best thing there ever was. Good luck with whatever decision you make.


  2. I think each couples path to a great love story is what they make it. Yes, there will be ditches and valleys. Give, take, ruts, times when he or she feels like they have fallen out of love. My parents were married for 32 years. When my dad passed away my mother said he was her best friend. I am still in search of my great love story.

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