Book review:

I honestly couldn’t finish this book. So the main character Queenie is so needy and dramatic. Queenie and her boyfriend Tom are on a break from each other. But instead of Queenie using this as a time to work on herself, she starts having random sex with men. Yeah I’m over this book. Didn’t want to finish it because it was becoming to much for me. I gave this book a rating of 1.

9 thoughts on “Book review:

  1. This is a hard read, i wholeheartedly agree! Im not sure how I struggled through but, if you can give it another try! A but of a heads up I share with people who give up on Queenie is, the book is written in reverse! The redemption, growth and characteristics you want to see in the beginning, come through in the end. You will understand why she is this way. Good luck

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