See the good:

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Okay, so I have to speak on this because it’s bothering me. I dislike that no matter how positive you are there are always people who need to be negative all the time. I mean do you not know how to say something good that can not only change your life but the life around you? I don’t understand why people can only think about the bad and not the good? I’m not gonna lie it brings my day down so much when people want to talk about the bad and hardly ever the good. I’m working on maintaining a better mindset and spirit but I’m for real about to be done with the negative people. I would rather have sunshine and rainbows in my day than thunderstorms and destruction. So over it really.

2 thoughts on “See the good:

  1. I totally agree. It makes me wonder what causes that because in my experience with my mother who’s really a good person, can never seem to say anything positive. She doesn’t even realize what she’s saying most of the time, making it hard to speak with her often. So for her an others, I simply pray. Thanks for sharing.

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