Open doors, closed doors:

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Sometimes you think you have found the one. Whether it be a job, relationship, house, or whatever. And then something happens that the door closes to that opportunity. Well, that is what happened to me with the job that I had. I now know that even though you think something is right for you it may not be. Always go with your gut instinct because it may be right. I’m happy for closed doors but happier for open doors. I have interviews this week and I know that I will get the right job for me. I feel like so many people are hiring and they are not ready for the new people who come in which is okay. But if the higher-ups have an attitude with you about it well that’s not your fault. Things should be handled and taken care of before the new people get there. Just because it seems like a good fit doesn’t mean it always is. There is something out there for everyone. Whatever you’re looking for whether it’s a job, house, relationship, or whether I hope the right door opens up for you this week. And everything that you are not meant to have because it’s not good for you closes as well.

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