About yesterday:

Yesterday was pretty amazing. It was my husband birthday. I can’t thank him enough for his love and commitment to me. How do you thank and celebrate someone who has been there for you? I love birthdays and celebrating with others. It’s amazing how many birthdays I have celebrated with him. And every year it gets better. I have seen social media post that bash men. I have seen women getting spoiled by men but not doing the same in return. I’m going to celebrate my husband and spoil him every birthday and every day. If you have someone amazing and if you knew our story then you know that this love is solid. So ladies please go out of your way to spoil and love on your man. We need men to know how important they are in our lives. We can celebrate them without it being there birthday. But let’s celebrate them more. They spoil us so let’s do the same.

Photo by Tammy Mosley on Pexels.com

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