2nd shot:

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So I get my second COVID shot tomorrow. Should I be worried or concerned? The first shot that I got I had a headache and a sore arm for a couple of days. But I have heard that the second shot is way worse than the first. I’m worried not gonna lie.

5 thoughts on “2nd shot:

  1. I had both shots Colleen and didn’t have any side-effects thank God. I only had a sore arm for a few hours, but I worked out that muscle and forgot about the pain or to take a Tylenol as recommended. You should be okay. There are very few people I know who had any bad side-effects, but it depends on one’s body I guess. I think you should be okay though. What you experienced from the first shot is the most common side-effect I’ve heard some have, but thank goodness it’s nothing severe.

    Girl, you’ll be find. 👍🏼 I got the Moderna and so did most of my family members and friends. The others got Pfizer and they didn’t suffer any harmful affects either. ☺

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  2. I’m over 6 months out from my second Pfizer dose. I definitely had a stronger immune response second go, including fever/chills about 12 hours later, which lasted a few hours. I also had hot flashes the next day. But by day 2 after, I felt amazing. A good immune response is a sign that your body is developing antibodies. Hopefully, you can take it easy the next day. Good luck!

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