Who are the people in your neighborhood:

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Who are the people in your neighborhood? I remember growing up and I knew everyone on the block. But now I can’t say that I know any of my neighbors. I speak to a few of them and the others I don’t. Why not well if I speak to you and you don’t speak back well I get it. But you remember when the whole neighborhood looked out for you? When you got in trouble with one neighbor and then got told on and got in trouble with your mom. Does that even happen anymore? What happened to the village? I see kids now just running around with no parental supervision and so disrespectful. So what happened to the village? Why don’t we know the people in our neighborhood anymore? Do we not care about getting to know people anymore? Just pondering so many thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Who are the people in your neighborhood:

  1. Probably part of it is the internet providing a substitute village, whereas there wasn’t much alternative back in the day. I suspect parental fear also contributes, and young kids are doing more organized activities rather than being free to roam around the neighbourhood, so there isn’t as much reason to get to know the neighbours.

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  2. I totally get it, something I too often think about. When I first moved into my complex, my neighbor would say hello w/ a big smile. he seemed super nice, even brought my packages to my door for me, but never actually introduced himself. When I finally asked his name a month ago, he formally introduced himself. We were both obviously confused, thinking the same thing. He said he thought it would be rude to ask me. I was shocked even though I thought I might offend him for asking since he never offered his name. Now we laugh about it when passing in the hallway. Unfortunately during these times it’s difficult to tell people’s attitudes & in this case we were both simply playing it safe. “Robert” is pretty awesome!!!

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  3. I lived in an apartment for 4 years and didn’t know any of the people in the six units on my floor. I rarely even saw them in the hallway on the elevator. My boyfriend’s mom, however, knows everyone on her floor and regularly brings them pies and other treats. Now our new neighbor buys us bread and bakes us cookies. Maybe it’s generational. Maybe it’s up to us to keep the kindness toward our neighbors going. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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